Our Mission

Embrace all people with God’s love.

Empower disciples to follow Jesus.

Engage with our neighbors as servant leaders.

Our Vision

A faithful community of servant leaders joining in
God’s renewal of Greensboro and the world.

Our Story

Grace was chartered in 1891 with twenty-two members by the Methodist Protestant Church. The Methodist Protestant Church had broken off from the larger Methodist Church decades earlier, because they wanted laity to have more authority in the life of the church. Methodist Protestants also ordained women long before other Methodist (and many other) denominations. This DNA, about equality in participation and authority in church, matters and is still part of Grace's identity.

Today, laity have a major voice in church decisions across the denomination largely because of the Methodist Protestant influence. The Methodist Protestants reunited with other Methodist groups in 1939, a precursor to the United Methodist Church (UMC) which formed in 1968. The UMC is the largest denomination that traces its lineage back to John Wesley, an 18th century Anglican priest who began a worldwide movement based on small groups gathering together to grow in God's love and reaching out to share that love with others. You can read more about Methodist history here.

Grace began as a small group that was outreach-minded. Today, Grace is still focused on growing as disciples together and sharing God's love with the community. Greensboro Urban Ministry was founded in our church basement by a group of area pastors. We also hosted Habitat for Humanity's offices for years. Today, among other important ministries, we partner with Guilford Child Development to offer life changing education and free childcare to our immigrant and refugee neighbors through their Learning Together program. (See "I'm New" for more.)
Above you can see our Mission and Vision. Our mission is inspired by Jesus' Great Commandment to love God and neighbor, (Matthew 22:36-40) and his Great Commission to make disciples (Matthew 28:16-30). Our vision is informed by God's Kingdom, described beautifully in Revelation 21:1-6. Grace has a strong history, and an even brighter future. We'd love for you to join us on this journey!