This was the first part of a series on the 23rd Psalm called The Beloved Psalm. For generations, this has been a favorite Psalm of those who are grieving, hurt, or spiritually lost. We focused on Psalm 23:1-3 this Sunday, exploring the character of the Shepherd and what it means for us to be sheep.

Many of us prefer to think of ourselves as independent, not needing anyone else, and self-sufficient. However, everyone follows someone, whether they know it or not.

The Bible refers often to God/Jesus as a Shepherd, and to us as sheep. We might wish we were described as a stronger, more intelligent creature, but if we have a good, wise, and loving shepherd, then being sheep is very good news.

Led sheep are fed sheep.


  • Emerson’s essay Self-Reliance, from which Drew quotes, is here.
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